Sapphire Plush – King Mattress
Sapphire Plush – King Mattress
Sapphire Plush – King Mattress
Sapphire Plush – King Mattress
Sapphire Plush – King Mattress
Sapphire Plush – King Mattress

Sapphire Plush – King Mattress


Comfort level: Luxurious Plush - Soft

10 year warranty

$2,700.00 NZD
was $3,860.00

Model: Sapphire Plush King Mattress

Support :

The mattress has 7 Zone pocket springs for World Class body support. The individual pocket springs adjust with the body movements, ensuring proper spine alignment and dynamically conforms to body contours. Because they move independently, they provide minimal partner disturbance.


OrthoCool Memory Foam ensures no heat build-up and keeps the mattress cool. It has beads infused into the foam which opens the cell structure allowing for air movement. Body heat dissipates more effectively which helps maintain a cool, comfortable temperature all night. Ortho Cool gel Memory Foam will quickly conform to your body shape and weight relieving shoulder, Neck, and back pain.


Purolax gel infused latex provides superior comfort and pressure relief. The ultra soft flexible material contains cooling gel and air pockets integrated into the moulding of the foam that makes this mattress one of the best cooling gels on the market.

Dunlop Soft Foam

Layers of Dunlop Soft foam creating a balanced feel bed foundation

 Health Guard

Healthguard Scientists have developed a multi-function anti -microbial product which gives us a healthier sleep


Total Edge support

360 Foam provides total edge support with the spring encasing to prevent the mattress edges from sagging, and reducing the risk of rolling over.

Enjoy a sleeping surface that equalises pressure points with 360 foam casing to ease tension throughout the body and distribute weight.

Real Silk

A touch of luxury

The top fabric is Realsilk  by Bekaert Deslee bringing the luxurious touch effects of silk

Soft, dry, cool, and comfortable

Elevate your Sleep Experience.

Expertly crafted with the finest materials

One of life’s greatest pleasures is a restful luxurious, and comfortable nights sleep


Width: 168cm

Length: 203cm

Depth of mattress: 37cm


NZ made by Slumebrzone and comes with a 10 year guarantee.