Apartment Living

Welcome to our Apartment Living page. Moving into an apartment can be a challenge. Here are some tips that may help. If you need further assistance we have an experienced team that can assist with fabric choice, design and inspiration for your living space.

If you have a small space use small pieces that fit the scale of the apartment. Your space will feel bigger. The optimal goal of designing a room is to make it feel in balance. The perfect amount of furniture, art and accessories so that it feels full, sophisticated and exciting. But not so full that it feels overwhelming or like the walls are closing in. Wanting to fill every wall and every corner with a design element so a space doesn’t feel “blank” is a common design mistake.

There’s never enough space for clothing, books, electronic media, work areas but rather than lots of traditional freestanding dressers, cabinets, desks, etc. Consider built-ins and modular furniture that can be configured to fit your space wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling and accommodate all your storage needs in one compact area.

We have stylish Modular suites and many other products that are ideal for apartments. Also we can custom make our sofas to size so they can fit perfectly in your living space.

All of our beds and sofas are available in many sizes so finding the right furniture will be a breeze.

Dual purpose! Look for multiple uses in everything you buy. An ottoman is cozy, but an ottoman with hidden storage is even better.

Furniture with legs feels less heavy in a space than pieces that sit directly on the floor.

Go vertical and use the space up to the ceiling whenever possible – shelves and storage that have a small footprint but are tall can really help in a small space.

Consider furniture that blends in visually with your floor or walls, whether it is transparent or similar in colour. We have an extensive range of quality and well-recognised fabrics and colours available from Warwick, Charles Parsons and James Dunlop.

Also, consider the logistics of getting new pieces into your space. Be sure that your new purchase is physically able to fit through an elevator or doorway, especially if the apartment is older. Measure twice to be safe and avoid a big headache! Check with us for delivery and clearance specifications.