Why Fibreguard

Easy to Clean

FibreGuard combines the latest Stain Resistant Technology with high quality and stylish home furnishing textiles to ensure long lasting, low maintenance easy to clean fabrics.

High Performance

Our fabrics are constantly tested against staining by an accredited laboratory to ensure optimum performance.

FibreGuard fabrics surpass tough quality and durability tests as well as rigorous washability and cleanability testing to ensure they withstand everyday stains and use.


FibreGuard is permanent – the stain Resistant properties will not deteriorate after washing or heavy use. When an area of FibreGuard fabric has been stained previously and is stained again, the stains can be just as easily removed. Washing your upholstered fabric will not diminish the FibreGuard properties.

Child & Pet Friendly

Free from harmful chemicals and finishes, you can live life to the fullest in the knowledge that FibreGuard has been independently tested and accredited by Okeo-Tex to be completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

Environmentally Better

More and more of our fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified – an independent international certification indicating that the fabric is free from harmful substances and safe for people and the environment.

James Dunlop Textiles strives to work with Mills and fabric suppliers that adhere to the highest possible environmental criteria.

How to Clean Fibreguard Fabrics

We're here to make your life as easy as possible, to limit your daily interactions with cleaning products as much as we can! From ketchup and red wine stains to coffee and ballpoint pen stains, FibreGuard fabrics are simply easy to clean.

Common household stains, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, ketchup, lipstick, mayonnaise, mud, oil, pen, red wine, silly putty, yoghurt, wax crayon, and many more stain-causing items, are just no match for FibreGuard’s Stain Free Technology.

All accidental stains can be removed using only water, but should you have a tougher stain, a small amount of standard, white, household soap, can be used. Keep in mind that immediate stain removal will ensure the best result.

The stain-free properties in all FibreGuard fabrics last beyond washing and heavy use. Click on the following link to see the four FibreGuard fabric cleaning steps: https://fibreguard.com/how-to-clean